My opponent Assemblywoman Monique Limon likes to say she receives bipartisan support, but the truth is she is NOT seen as a moderate that works with both sides in Sacramento, rather, is seen as having an EXTREME voting record. 

To prove this point I have posted several BILLS on this web page that provide example of why she does NOT receive bipartisan support.  This will hurt Senate District 19. 

If elected as senator, I will immediately introduce collaboration and inclusion with Sacramento from Senate District 19.  This will accomplish immediate results.  I would be honored to have your vote.

President of the CA District Attorneys Assoc. and El Dorado County DA Vern Pierson, MADD, the LA County Prosecutors Assoc and the DA of Orange County discuss how AB-3234 would dramatically impact public safety throughout California and how a last minute legislative process was used  to slip through a dramatic re-write the California’s criminal code, and why it’s so critical for Governor Newsom to veto the bill.  My opponent Assemblywoman Monique Limon voted for AB 3234.

Featured Topics

HAVE A CUP OF JAVA WITH GARY MICHAELS, STATE SENATE CANDIDATE, EVERY FRIDAY MORNING from 9a-10a (Sept 25-Nov 6) IN HIS VIRTUAL CAFE. WE WILL TALK about the propositions and legislative issues affecting Senate District 19 communities. Bring your ideas, questions, and concerns. I will be inviting a few cafes located in our District to spend a few minutes introducing us to their breath-taking coffees. Email me: cafe@garymichaelsforsenate.com for a ZOOM link.

Looking for a job in State Senate District 19?  With the California Unemployment rate at 11.4% as of August, there is a chance you are looking for employment.  If you are having issues with the resources available to you or just need someone to talk with and have access to the internet, I have scheduled a ZOOM meeting on Sunday, October 4th from 8-9pm to discuss Looking for a job in State Senate District 19.  Please email me for a ZOOM link at Talkwith@garymichaelsforsenate.com


Leila Janah was an Indian immigrant raised in Los Angeles who believed in creating dignified work for everyone and founded a company that hired workers from impoverished areas and provided them the technology to plug their skills into the global digital economy where they could earn living wages.  In Santa Maria and many other places in Senate District 19, we can learn from her example.  Broadband is available in these communities to plug these workers into the global economy to produce a wide variety of products and services like electricity, wind turbines and solar panels for example. I want to be the connection to Sacramento to sponsor Bills that ignites this kind of environmental entrepreneurship in places where there is elevated poverty.

Social Justice

I believe in fighting for what is right—and so I am an advocate for equity and inclusion, and building change, safety and support in all our communities including our immigrant communities.