Climate Change

Be different and think positive concept

High paying jobs are an answer to unaffordability so I want more of them in Senate District 19. I am determined, through legislation, to incentivize clean energy sector companies and start-ups to come to our District. The cities in our District should also collaborate with each other to attract new employers to the area and I will facilitate this. Santa Barbara has a trained work force coming from City College and UCSB, but Santa Maria, Lompoc and Oxnard have less expensive commercial real estate where warehouses can be acquired less expensively.  Imagine a private business that stores and assembles microgrids in Lompoc but has a sales engineer office in Santa Barbara.

Below are some clean energy technology ideas I have that I would like to see turn into job opportunities in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.

Renewable Technologies

 Hydroelectric power as a great source of renewable energy and much-needed water storage.

Photo-voltaic solar and wind power.

Solar thermal for water heating. All building should have solar thermal for augmenting the water heating process.

Solar power plants that run steam turbines using solar concentrators.

Solar concentrators for photo voltaic.

Almost any form of alternate energy that will work.

Non-renewable bridge technologies:

Natural gas and nuclear power as bridge technologies until we have more power storage, better batteries, and more renewable energy.

Natural gas produces about 50% less CO2 than coal and other hydrocarbons.

Nuclear power is very clean but needs to be used safely.

Energy Storage (Must be Prioritized)

We do not have sufficient energy storage, which is a fundamental problem. Battery technology is not ready for our needs and relies on rare earth metals found in countries with unfriendly hostile totalitarian regimes.

The mining of rare earth metals is another environmental disaster in the making.


Automobiles constructed of aluminum and carbon fiber can save 25% of automotive fuel usage. Combining lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber cars with hybrid technology, can achieve more efficiency. 

Heating and Cooling (HVAC)

Heating and cooling of buildings can use 20% of available power.  More heat pumps are needed that operate at coefficients of performance (COP) above 6. Residential usage can rely on CO2 based heat pumps, and commercial can use NH3 (ammonia), which is more efficient and can be handled by professionals. Buildings must be better insulated including R80 and triple pane windows.

Electrical Grid

Upgrading the electrical grid can support more electrical power for cars, heat pumps and distributed clean power generations.