Fighting for Working Class Families

Fight for Working Class Families

Helping Families Survive

Reducing The High Cost Of Living

Concern that the economic problems caused by COVID-19 combined with California’s already high cost of living is hurting too many families, Senator Gary Michaels will work hard to keep taxes down, make health care more affordable, prevent government from wasting tax dollars, and make college more affordable.

Requiring Equal Pay For Equal Work

Will support laws to ensure women are paid the same as men when doing the same work.

Expanding Family Leave

Will support expanded family leave so employees can take time off with pay when a member of their family becomes ill.

Helping Home-Bound Seniors

Will support seniors who could not leave their homes to sign-up for meals on wheels.

Will also support all organized drives to collect essentials to help seniors who are home-bound by the COVID 19.

Giving Renters A Tax Break

Will support all efforts to increase the amount of the renter’s tax credit and makes it refundable.

Cutting Government Waste

Will support pioneering uses of new technology and services to save tax dollars and better provide essential services at a lower cost.

Keeping Health Care Costs Down

Will support all efforts to reduce the costs of health care while increasing access.

Reducing Tax Bills Of Middle-Class Care Givers

Will support all attempts to reduce the tax bill for family members who are caring for a sick loved one.

Making Care More Affordable

Will support all efforts to help low and middle-income Californians afford health care coverage.

Implementing Tax Credits For Senior Health Care

Will support all efforts to reduce senior’s tax bills through tax credits for senior home health care costs not paid by insurance.