Mental-health crisis

Anti-anxiety prescriptions increased nationally between mid-February and mid-March. Hospitals have canceled elective procedures, some businesses are going under and small businesses have shed 11 million jobs in April. During the COVID-19 pandemic many have turned to alcohol and narcotics.

Both Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties offer access lines for help. Please click on the links below to find out more information.

Santa Barbara County

Ventura County

California’s ungovernability is part of its identity but unfortunately never so consequential as it pertains to the homeless.  What I would like to focus on is addressing the severely mentally ill because a percentage of people that are on the streets have depression, or they are bipolar or mostly schizophrenic with dependencies of alcohol or drugs.  This is a category unto itself.  Severely mentally ill self-medicate.  In 1967 Sacramento put together the Lanterman Petris Short act (LPS) which was a reaction to a study that said the severely mentally ill in institutions were in inhumane conditions, so they shut them down.  Although there was some discussion of moving them to communities that could support them, it never happened so the mentally ill moved onto the street and into jails. In recent months this was discussed during the public comments part of the Santa Barbara City Council meetings about the proposed Civilian Police Review Board.   So, I am very interested in hearing more about what the Council learns about this topic as this is a problem I would like to address this issue if elected to the State Senate.