Only 290 Private Industry Clean Energy Jobs in SB County – How I will create more!

Assemblywoman Limon and I are opposites on the issue of COLLABORATION with private enterprise.  She has been writing bills that revolve around putting more controls on farms, businesses and energy production.  Her Bills like AB470, the Green Business Program which is state greenhouse emissions standards only has about 180 certified businesses of 16,000 total businesses in Santa Barbara County and even fewer in Ventura County or AB2367 which offered no collaboration with insurance companies and AB539, the California Finance Law and AB2501 which offered no collaboration with the banking and financial industry.  She is the chairwoman of the Assembly Banking and Finance Committee which has jurisdiction over Banks, which gives her access to one of the largest industries in the state.  Just imagine what is possible by collaborating with this industry!  Instead she authored AB2501, a COVID-19 homeowner, tenant and consumer relief bill, which attempted to enact regulations on the financial industry and ended up limiting the availability of credit to the same consumers it was intended for.  The potential harm from this bill was so great many Democratic colleagues saw it for what it was which is why it failed in passage on the Assembly Floor.  The Department of Business Oversight already has the tools and statues to go after bad actors. She says these BILLS are helping people, but they are really shutting down the middle class and offering welfare instead.  AB470 has so few certified businesses, it is worthless to the control of greenhouse gas emissions.  AB2367 went nowhere but would have put property owners at risk and her UNCOLLABORATIVE style with the banking and finance community is a loss to Senate District 19.  This industry is a partial answer to housing unaffordability because it provides jobs and capital, for example, to generate loans for businesses and start-up capital for Internet and Environmental Service  Start-up ventures and jobs in the clean energy economy sector; solar, wind, battery storage, clean transportation and agriculture.  According to EDD, in first quarter, Santa Barbara County only had 290 private industry clean energy jobs and 284 private industry oil and gas jobs.  UCSB believes there are 1,000 private oil and gas jobs in the County.  If Ms. Limon was only more COLLABORATIVE with BUSINESS and BANKING, there might well be many more clean energy jobs in Senate District 19.  What she and I do agree on is keeping oil spills from our beautiful coast BUT where we are striking different is I want to create more clean energy jobs in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.