Shortlist of Priorities

* The AMERICAN FAMILY living in California has stresses:

They work multiple jobs to pay for housing, transportation, and utilities, etc. Parents spend hours driving on the freeway taking time away from focusing on their kids and important things in life.  Sacramento is solving symptoms but not problems. We need problem-solver Gary Michaels.

* California is 49th in the country in terms of housing affordability:

Only about 20 percent of California households can afford the median-priced home, which is now $700,000. California renters pay 43 percent above the nationwide median leading to immense strain on low to moderate-income households. Political leadership is needed to incentivize developers to build AFFORDABLE housing including very low-income housing which appears to be beyond what current California politicians can achieve. This is why I am running for State Senate. I am persuasive. I can help Governor Newsom. Newsom  is ambitious but aloof. California needs a senator like me who can make deals by working through the bureaucracy, encouraging colleagues, and schmoozing with everyone in both the legislative and executive branches.

* The key to attracting higher paying jobs to a city is providing a capable workforce:

This is a problem when our K-12 SCHOOLS do not do a good job of closing the achievement gap. A recent study concluded that one failure of the Local Control Funding Formula is that it has allowed districts to hire more teachers yet schools with the highest proportion of at-risk kids tend to get the least experienced teachers. At-risk kids need non-classroom-based charter schools — including home study, work study and computer-based programs to catch up, not distance learning. If you haven’t been doing well in the classroom, sending school to you via the internet is not a remedy.

* We need more high paying jobs including CLEAN ENERGY jobs in District 19: 

Santa Maria’s per capita Income is $19,647 — Santa Barbara’s is $41,525. This illustrates the difference in income between South County and the rest of the District. What we have in common is we need more jobs, especially in the clean energy economy sector; solar, wind, battery storage, clean transportation and agriculture. According to EDD, Santa Barbara County has 290 private industry clean energy jobs and 284 private industry oil and gas jobs.  Ventura County has 360 private oil and gas jobs. Now is the time to align our environmental and our economic efforts while still fighting against oil spills and fighting for high-paying clean energy jobs.

* Get HOMELESS off the streets:

In the City of Santa Barbara there are about 850 homeless. These numbers will rise from COVID-19. 70% of them are locals, mostly in their 40’s. 50% have addiction or mental health issues. Severe trauma is a common problem and most homelessness is chronic, lasting 5-7 years. We cannot treat homelessness as a single rifle shot problem.

* California’s poverty rate is the highest in all 50 states, and the state has become unaffordable:

We must protect our ELDERLY AND GRANDPARENTS who may be aging in poverty. We must improve their healthcare reimbursement rates and make sure they do not end up homeless, especially in these times.

* I will get the basics done right. 

Your kids must be safe, attend a school in a decent environment with good teachers, mobility in their lives, breathe clean air and know we will have these beautiful mountains and ocean to cherish for generations to come. We must make sure the City is safe and that law enforcement officials are respected, that there is fairness and justice for all people, and that resources are adequate for the basics.