Public Safety – Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic is still an unfinished story, but we should have learned we greatly need to improve our emergency preparedness for wildfires, future pandemics and earthquakes as well. 

China already had been through two major bio crises; SARS1 and SARS2 plus the H5N1 (Asian Flu) then MERS

They issued a mandatory quarantine and the people shut down their businesses, went home and sang from their balconies. 

Contrast that to the USA where medical advisors were unsure of our response and people were half shocked at the idea not being able to dine out!

Also, nearly all Chinese citizens had left over masks that were issued from the last two crises.  People wore masks immediately.

This is the USA’s first bio incident, and it isn’t the last.

COVID-19 also reminds us to also prepare for an earthquake.  The Hayward fault used to quake on a very predictable schedule, but today we are about 5 years past due date!  And the San Andreas fault is also waiting to let go. 

In California we are currently building one third on the homes we really need.

An earthquake could take out thousands of homes which would increase our homeless numbers.

Assemblywoman Limon last co-chaired a meeting about disaster recovery and emergency preparedness on Oct 23 2019 at a Joint Hearing Govt Organization and Select Committee on the Nonprofit sector in Carpinteria.

My priority is to author a Bill for STATEWIDE PANDEMIC, WILDFIRE AND EARTHQUAKE TEST DRILLS immediately.

Think about earthquake / fire drills that we used to have in school.  Practice.  First time, there’s a lot of unknowns. But after 3-4 times, they get boring.