The economic recovery women and families need to respond to COVID-19.

Women have already lost a disproportionate number of jobs due to the pandemic.  Women — especially mothers may now have to step back or away from jobs and black women are more likely than others to consider stepping away from their careers due to COVID-19. FAMILES NEED RELIEF. I pledge to author a BILL to fund non-classroom-based charter schools including home study, work study and computerized learning programs for disadvantaged students, struggling students and for families that need relief. We must connect these kids to experienced teachers who can provide them with individualized learning programs. I want to reduce the stresses that women, mothers and families face living in California and during the time of this pandemic.

Santa Maria’s per capita Income is $19,647 — Santa Barbara’s is $41,525. This illustrates the difference in income between South County and the rest of the District.  We need more jobs and higher paying jobs in North County and Western Ventura County. Families in these areas struggle to pay their ever increasing housing, transportation, utilities and everything else costs and often end up having to work multiple low-paying jobs to make ends meet because these markets have received little attention from the South Coast political class.  But wages are a problem is all parts of Senate District 19 and Assembly District 37 including the City of Santa Barbara, yet the subject has been largely unaddressed by Assemblywoman Monique Limon.  And she has been a position to do something about it.  In the California Assembly she has been the Chairwoman of the Banking and Finance Committee which has jurisdiction over banks, credit unions, savings and loans, investment banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies which gives her the unique opportunity to access to one of the largest industrial employers in the state.  Just imagine what is possible by cultivating professional relationships with principals in this industry.  But she has not, instead choosing to collaborate mainly with housing and economic justice associations.  I know this because I have spoken to a few of these banking and financial industry principals, some of whom are Democrats and are frustrated by her appalling lack of inclusion.  So, what has the middle class in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties gotten from this committee she has led?  Well, she authored AB2501, a COVID-19 homeowner, tenant and consumer relief bill, which attempted to enact regulations on the financial industry and ended up limiting the availability of credit to the same consumers it was intended for.  The potential harm from this bill was so great many Democratic colleagues saw it for what it was which is why it failed in passage on the Assembly Floor.  The Department of Business Oversight already has the tools and statues to go after bad actors. She authored AB539, the California Finance Law, well that is an accomplishment.  But it is really a law that protects lower income people from rip off interest rates. So, the middle class have not gotten really nothing from this Committee. 

Ms. Limon says these BILLS are helping people, but they are really shutting down the middle class and offering welfare instead.

Given the COVID-19 job market and prevailing wage issues in Western Ventura County and the Central Coast, we need some creative out-of-the-box thinking.  If Gary Michaels’ had been chairman of the Assembly Banking and Finance Committee, he would have cultivated professional relationships for jobs and capital to create for example, more clean energy economy sector jobs; solar, wind, battery storage, clean transportation and agriculture jobs.  According to EDD, in first quarter, Santa Barbara County only had 290 private industry clean energy jobs and 284 private industry oil and gas jobs.  Ventura County has 360 private oil and gas jobs. Why not at least double the number of clean energy jobs?  In Santa Barbara, UCSB and the City College train students in these fields so doesn’t it make sense to build a clean energy industrial sector around a trained workforce?  I know a lot of these students would like to remain in the County but need a job.

When it comes to the environment, Assemblywoman Limon has spent her time on Bills like AB1680 which provides public access to the Hollister Ranch coastal lands when Governor Brown vetoed the original legislation or AB2367  which offered no collaboration with insurance companies and was so poorly thought out her own Democratic Colleagues did not support it, or AB470, the Green Business Program which is state greenhouse emissions standards and only has about 180 certified businesses of 16,000 total businesses in Santa Barbara County and even fewer in Ventura County so it is worthless to the control of greenhouse gas emissions.  She hates oil companies so she authors Bills like AB585 which makes it impossible to transfer oil properties from one oil company to another.

Now is the time to align our environmental and our economic justice efforts while still fighting against oil spills and fighting for high-paying clean energy jobs. The economic recovery required to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic requires this and Gary Michaels’ is in a unique position to do something about this.  He understands hard work and what’s involved with running a business because he has been in the private sector most of his life. One only succeeds by providing quality service.  His background allows him to identify and empathize with those who deal with unexpected circumstances because he works in a similar environment. The key to creating jobs through government policy IS NOT LESS REGULATION OF SAFETY, NOT CUTTING WAGES, NOT SKIRTING ENVIRONMENTAL RULES, IT IS  letting the private sector do that for us and set ground rules, and have an incentive structure.  SO HERE IS WHAT he will do this in all the cities in this district if elected.  We need leadership.  We need the leaders of all the companies right here in Senate District 19 to come back to their offices and lead their employees back into the marketplace.  We need to help these leaders innovate and create more Clean Energy Sector jobs. And Senator Gary Michaels will support them, collaborate with them and do whatever we can do get burdensome SACRAMENTO regulation out of the way to help these leaders succeed.